Archaeology Tour

Length: 2 days

Time: 10 months a year (except for July- August)

Places to visit: Şanlıurfa Museum, Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum, Harran Ruins.

What to expect? Archaeology, history, traditional architecture, mythology, local culture and folklore.

Key places: Şanlıurfa Museum, the biggest archaeological museum of Turkey, Haleplibahçe mosaics made from the stonestaken out of the Euphrates, Harran ruins.

Tour outline: A unique archaeological adventure in Şanlıurfa city centre where there are innumerable ruins and remains belonging to the prehistoric settlements as well as those associated with the Assyrian, Hittite, Persian, Greek, Roman and Islamic periods, in Göbekli Tepe, and in Harran Ruins. In Şanlıurfa Museum, you can see a great number of remains from all periods of the civilisation history from Palaeolithic age to the present, learn their stories and take photographs. You can also see the ancient depictions of the Amazon women who are frequently mentioned in mythologyin Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum.A visit to Göbekli Tepe which is the first monumental temple of the World. A visit to Harran with its beehive houses which is the last capital of the Assyrian Empire and famous for the Sin Temple and the Sabians, and is the place where the Roman Empire suffered one of the dramatic defeat against the Persians, The Roman Emperor Caracalla was murdered, and the cult movie named ‘Züğürt Ağa’ was shot.


Şanlıurfa Museum
Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum
Balıklı Lake
Urfa inns and bazaars
Ancient Urfa streets
Göbekli Tepe


Harran Ruins
Traditional Harran Houses
Bazda Caves
Han-el Ba’rür
Suayb City