Gastronomy Tour (3 Days)

Gastronomy Tour (3 Days)

3 days


Any time of year

Places to visit:

Şanlıurfa city centre, Şanlıurfa Museumand Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum, Balıklı Lake, Harran, Birecik, Bald Ibis Breeding Station, Halfeti, Rumkale (Roman Castle), Savaşan Village.

What to expect?

Varieties of red meat meals and kebabs.

Key places:

City centre and districts where varieties of Urfa kebabs and meals cooked in wood-fired ovens are made.

Tour outline:
On this tour, we will discover delicious tastes of Mesopotamia in Şanlıurfa and its districts where wheat was first cultivated about 12,000 years ago, sheep and many other animals were first domesticated, numerous fruits and vegetables have been produced on soils watered by the Euphrates, and they all turn into delicious meals.
DAY 1·        
Traditional Urfa breakfast (isot, eggplant, egg with pepper paste, honey,
Kaymak(Turkish cream),
chickpea,(tırnak pita)           
Visit to Şanlıurfa Museum          
Local lunch (Borani, stuffed meatballs (içli köfte),
keme kebab (seasonal),
Urfa katmer with fresh Urfa cheese) ·        
Visit to Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum ·        
Visit to Balıklı Lakeand historical Urfa bazaars    
Dinner (Lebenisoup, bostana(type pf local salad),
ağzı açık(pastry),
ağzı yumuk
stew made of isot and French tomatoes)

Breakfast with tiritsoap·        
Visit to Harran Ruins and excavation area·        
Lunch at a village house (Saca basma(grilled vegetables),
local bread and village yoghurt)
Experience of local architecture and culture ·        
‘Sıra’nights and dinner (Lebenisoap, bostana salad, içli köfte(stuffed meatball), hazelnutlahmacun, assorted kebabs, şıllıkdessert)

Breakfast in Birecik (chickpea wrap)        
Visit to the Bald Ibıs Breeding Station          
Boat tour to Rumkale and visit to Savaşan village·        
Lunch in Halfeti (Şabut (Barbus grypus) fish, assorted kebabs or meat meals with fruits depending on the season, semolina dessert)           
Ancient Halfeti city tour    
Dinner (Urfa-style liver kebab wrap  at Urfa streets liver kebab shops)