Conical houses of Harran are, undoubtedly, among symbols of Harran. This architectural style has been chosen since there is scarcely a tree within the region to be used as rafter in roof construction works. Common feature of conical houses of Harran is that bricks are used on top roofing. Conical roofs constructed with a set of 30-40 bricks are plastered, inside and outside, with clay and there is a hole on the top. This hole ensures that the air, which rises due to heat in the summer, is removed from the interior of the house and therefore the interior is cooler. On the other hand, during winter, it serves as a chimney for the fire lit inside the house. These houses which are constructed bearing in mind climate conditions, are cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Their maintenance should be carried out and they need to be repaired every 2-3 years.