Urfa (City) Museum

The buidingreferred to as Mahmudoğlu Tower was, originally, a castle. It was built in the period of French-origin Crusaders who ruled in Urfa between 1098-1144. On the east wing of the tower, it is possible to find aninscription of five lines in Armenian language.

It reads that it was constructed in 571(1122-1123 in Armenian calendar). When Urfa became an Ottoman land, the Mahmudoğlu Family was assigned as landlord of the castle and given the deed of Bey Gate (the east walls of the city): since then, this edifice start to be called as ‘Mahmudoğlu Tower’. Renovated in 2012 by the Şanlıurfa Municipality, this building hostsnow the Urfa City (Kent) Museum. Manyitems associated with the recent history, the ethnological features and culture of Şanlıurfa are exhibited in the museum. Admissions to the museum is free. 

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