Belief Tour

Length: 3 days

Time: Any time of year

Places to visit: Şanlıurfa city centre, Germüş Village, Göbekli Tepe, Eyyubnebi Mausoleum, the Maqam of Eyyubnebi, Harran, Bazda Caves, Suayb City, Soğmatar

What to expect? Various sacred places associated with the polytheistic and monotheistic religions, religious centres and visits.

Key places: Balıklı Lake, Great Mosque, Reji Church, Fırfırlı Mosque, the Maqam of Prophet Eyyub (the symbol of patience), Göbekli Tepe, Germüş Church, Harran, Soğmatar, Suayb City.

Tour outline: Hosting the earliest temple of the world dating back to about 12,000 ago and other religious and symbols associated with a number of pagan religions, Şanlıurfa is also the city where Prophet Abraham, who is regarded as the Father of all the monotheistic religions, is believed to be born. On this tour, you can visit many religious places associated with polytheistic and monotheistic religions, gain valuable insights into and take photos of various rituals and temple architecture  


Şanlıurfa Archaeology and Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museums
Balıklı Lake Complex
(Balıklı Lake, Ayn-Zeliha, Rızvaniye Mosque, Halil ür-Rahman / Döşeme Mosque),
Mevlid-i Halil (Dervish convent) Mosque and Cave / The Cave where the Prophet Abraham is believed to be born
Tour in the Ancient
City of Urfa (Selahattin EyyubiMosque / St. Johannes Prodromos Addai Church,
Fırfırlı Mosque/ Twelve Apostle Church,
Mevlevihane Mosque,
Great Mosque,
Reji Church/St. Petrus and St. PaulChurch)  


Germüş Church (St. Jacob) and Germüş Village
 Göbekli Tepe
 Prophet Eyyub Village and Mausoleum (Viranşehir)
Tella Martyion (Viranşehir)


The Maqam of Prophet Eyyub (the symbol of patience)
 Harran (Harran Ruins, the Well of St. Jakob, Hayat-i Harrani Mausoleum, Great Mosque and Harran Beehive Houses)
 Bazda Caves
Han-el Ba’rür
Suayb City