Dabakhane Mosque

Dabakhane means the place where tannery is carried out. This name was probably given since this mosque was located around Kelleçi Çayı (Brook) where leather tanners were situated in old times. It is in the region of inns today. According to its epitaph, its establishment dated back to the period of Selim II, in 1568. Although the person who had this mosque built has not been known, it is thought to be built by Behram Pasha. It has a shady yard where you can see plane trees and rest in hot summer days. There is a structure called mükebbire over the entrance door. This structure is a special one which was built with the aim that imam could make his voice heard from the yard. With this characteristic, it is the only example among the mosques in Urfa. Its minaret has 7 floors, and it is covered with ornaments.