Discover The Historical Bazaars

Modern Shopping Mall culture has peaked in our modern age, but still the historical Urfa bazaars resist. Kazaz Bazaar, Sipahi Bazaar, Bakırcılar (Coopersmiths’) Bazaar, Kınacı Bazaar, Pamukçu Bazaar, Kuşçu (Birdsellers’)Bazaar, Tütüncü Bazaar and many more, nested in the historical covered bazaars,typical of Sanliurfa, still preservethe culture of traditional shopping. Strollinginto the historical bazaars, talking to and bargaining with the vendors, buying Urfa souvenirs and taking photos are all unique experiences you can still have in Sanliurfa. Leaving the bazaars, you can discover the historical narrowstreets of Sanliurfa. The high summer temperature, is the reason why the streets aredesigned to be quite narrow, providing shade and protection to the strong sun: at midday, when the sun is at the top, there is no way to be protected from the strong sun beams. Historical streets, such asKazancı Bedih Street (Sokak), Güllüoğlu Street, Yorgancı Street, Zincirli Street, and the unique vaulted tunnels (kabaltı) are theperfect places where to spend your time and take unusual pictures, both at daytime and at evening: mst of the strees are infact welllightened.