Eat Urfa’s Lahmacun & Liver Kebab

Despite being associated with the whole Turkey, traditional lahmacunare still prepared in Sanliurfa: unfermented dough, onions and isot pepper (red pepper) are the ingredents of the Urfa lachmacun. The special spicy and very hot isot pepper, gives its unique taste to the Sanliurfa traditional lahmacun.Their smell, that it is possible to feel in any angle of the old town, comes from the wood-fired ovens that can be met almost in every corner of Urfa.Lahmacun is served with ayran (buttermilk), made of sheep yogurt, and fresh Urfa vegetables.

Sanliurfa, liver kebab is not served ready to eat: sitting on low wooden chairs around the colourful tablesof the liver kebab shops, guests will receivea cutting board and a knife; onions, parsley and mintare already on the center ofthetable: customers just cut their onions, green vegetables, add salt and pepper at their taste and, when liver kebab is ready and served on a very thin bread (lavaş) they just add their ingredients. Customers have now the stage and preparetheir own liver wrap. That takes skills!