Feed Balıklıgöl Fishes

In the past,taxeswere collected from trade caravans at inns (han) where they were accommodated to spend the night. In that period, the inns were utilised as hotelsby themerchants, and where their animals were fed and could rest.Şanlıurfa is located along important trade routes since 2,000 BC, and for this reason visitors can still find many inns. One of the most renowed isGümrük Han which was built by Behram Pasha in 1562, during the sultanate of Süleyman the Magnificent.In its garden, hundreds-year old treescan still be admired and a water channel from Balıklı Lake refreshes the air: this is one of the 11 remaining Hans from the Ottoman period. Enjoy a cup of bitter coffee (mırra) or of Ceylon/mixed tea (kaçak çay)at the Gümrük Han is amustduring your trip to Sanliurfa.