Fırfırlı Mosque (Twelve Apostles Church)

Located on Büyükyol Street, Fırfırlı Mosque was recorded in the Ottoman Period as Twelve Apostles Church. The structure was named Fırfırlı (Frilled) Church among the local people because of the decorations which were similar to windmills. In 1956, the church was converted into a mosque; however, since a private name was not given to it, it has been called Fırfırlı Mosque. One of the remarkable qualities of the structure is its semi-columns and decorations of the exterior side. According to the written sources, this is the church where Varak Cross, which was brought from Varak Monastery in Van in 1092, was placed and maintained. It is an interesting place for the photographers with its decorations, stone architecture, and atmosphere.