Haci Kâmil Bridge

This is a bridge which is hiddden under some buildings, in the region called Köprübaşı (the beginning of bridge): to see the bridge, it is necessary to walk through Kule Street and get to Kanal Park. The bridge was built by Hacı Yusuf Kâmil Bey, a worthy person of the city, on Karakoyun (Dayşan) Stream, upon the request of then-Governor Ethem Pasha.
In 1903 when the bridge was built, it was outside of the city borders; Hacı Yusuf Kâmil Bey also built hotels and shops to revitalise the trade around the bridge. The bridge was dismessed after the construction of the modern concrete bridge was built in 1939. Today, most of the shops of the area provide service as breakfast saloons and kebab shops.