Halil-ür Rahman Madrasa

This mosque is located right on the south side of Balıklı Lake. It is commonly known as Döşeme Mosque. It was originally built as “Mother Mary Church” by Urbisius in 504. At the period of Assabid Caliphate Me’mun (818-833), it was converted into a mosque. From its minaret, one can easily tell it was once a bell tower of a church. It was repaired and renovated at the age of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent (1211-1212) and also in 1810.Evliya Çelebi (the Traveller) refers to this mosque as “Abraham Halil Dervish Lodge”. The madrasa next to the Mosque was built in 1175. It is believed that the source of Balıklı Lake lies beneath this Madrasa which was designed in L-shape.