Han El-Ba’rur Caravanserai

It is a caravanserai which dates back to the Ayyubid period and is located about 30 km east of Harran in Göktaş village. This caravanserai is on the route from Baghdad to Harran. It consists of a small mosque, guard’s room, stables, and Turkish bath and summer rooms. According to the script above the entrance door, it was constructed by Hacı Hüsameddin Ali Bey in 1219. “Ba’rür” means “goat droppings” in Arabic. Rumour has it that constructor of this caravanserai filled it with raisins and he served it to visitors along with passers-by. And he told, “My successors will fill this place with goat droppings”. After the Mongol invasion, this caravanserai fell into ruins and as what Hacı Hüsameddin Ali Bey said in the legend; it was used as stable by locals for a long time.