Ibrahim Tatlises Music Museum

İbrahim Tatlıses is a singer whose songs are well-known and widely listened all across Turkey. He is a brand-asset, raised in Şanlıurfa.

Adjacent to the Harran Gate on the southern walls of the city, it is located the Museum bearinghis name; the house, originallya coffeehouse,was built in the 17th century;in the last 50 years, it start to be known as the “Yasin’s coffeehouse”. Here, local artists used to meet and hang every day talking about music, literature and poems, and listening to gramophone and local music records. The singers whose songs were played werefamous over the time and İbrahim Tatlıses was one of them. The exhibition of the museum includes descriptive boards, various musical instruments and photographs. Biographies and musical records of Urfa-origin singers,are available at the museum. Admissions to the museum is free.