Join ‘Sıra’ Nights

Enjoyinga ‘sıra gecesi’ night show is one of the “must”of an Urfa trip. ‘Sıra gecesi’ nightwas, originally, an event where people’s assembly use to gatherand this was a unique tradition of Urfa: the prominent figures of the city gather in these assemblies, discuss and resolve local problems and social issues.Young people were encouraged to take part to the gatherings to learn about social life. Singing and playing local music, eating delicious Urfa food, in particularçiğköfte (raw minced meatmixed with spices), was the closing of the meetings. The gatherings were not always held an the same place, but hosted by the different group members, in turn: this is the origin of the name of these events: “nights by turns” which in Turkish language is sıra gecesi. Today, you can join a ‘sıra gecesi’ night and dinner in a number of mansions across the Ancient City accompanied by live band playing Urfa folk music and songs and wearing traditional costumes: the show will be closed by the ceremonyofÇiğköfte-preparation, wich is the culminationof the event.