According to legend, cruel King Nemrut dreamt that a child would be born who would destroy his religion and kingdom. Believing the dream to be a prophecy, the King ordered for all children born within that year to be killed. Upon hearing this tyranny, Nona, the mother of Abraham, hid in a cave at the foothills of Mount Damlacık and gave birth to her son. To avoid raising suspicion, she left her son in the cave and went home. While she was gone, a gazelle breastfed and raised Abraham in the cave which also contained a water source. After some time some soldiers found Abraham in the cave and took him before King Nemrut. Without having any suspicions, King Nemrut let Abraham stay and raised him.
Located at the foothills of Urfa Castle and adjacent to the Mevlid-i Halil Mosque, the cave today is called “Mevlid-iHalil” (The Holy Birth of Abraham Cave) and its water is considered to be sacred. Today people come to the cave to pray, drink its water and make a lucky wish.