Ancient city centre of Şanlıurfa is full of beautiful well-preserved bazaars. These covered bazaars are referred to as bedesten. Şanlıurfa is one of the key cities in terms of its covered bazaars after İstanbul, Bursa and Edirne. The covered bazaars provide shelter both for local people and the market products against broiling sun in summer and rain in winter. Built in the Ottoman Period, these bazaars serve the local people and tourists still in its original purposes.

Among these labyrinth-shaped bazaars areSipahi Bazaar, Kazaz Bazaar, Hüseyniye (Coppersmiths’) Market, Kınacı Bazaar, Pamukçu Bazaar, Tütüncü Bazaar and Kuşçu (Birdsellers’)Bazaar. They are the ideal places to buy a wide range of souvenirs, clothing, food special to Urfa. Kuşçu (Birdsellers’)bazaar is one of the most interesting ones. Bird breeding is very popular in Şanlıurfa. A variety of pigeon species is fed, let flied and sold. Kuşçu (Birdsellers’)Bazaar is the place where birds are bought or sold.