Sıra Nights

Joining a ‘sıra’ night is one of the essentials of an Urfa trip. Originally, ‘sıra’ night is an event of people’s assembly gatherings special to Urfa. In the past, the prominent figures of the city used to gather in these assemblies, discuss and resolve local problems and social issues. They used to encourage young people to take part and learn about social life. Following these discussions, they used to sing local songs altogether and eat delicious Urfa food, çiğköfte in particular. These gatherings were not held in the same place, but hosted by group members. As the whole group was hosted by the members in turns, these events are referred to as“nights by turns” (sıra gecesi). Today, you can join a ‘sıra’ night held in a number of mansions across the Ancient City, eat delicious food, and have a great night accompanied with Urfa folk songs. Çiğköfte-making ceremony is an essential of these events.