When you head 18 km north of City of Suayb, you arrive at Soğmatar. It is 57 km away from Harran. Current name of Soğmatar is Yağmurlu Village. Soğmatar consists of the words “matar”, which means “rain”, and “suk”, meaning “bazaar” in Arabic. It is a distorted form of “Suk el Matar”, which means “Rain Street/Bazaar”. It is known that Soğmatar is a cult centre where people worshipped God of Moon, Sin, during the Abgar Kingdom period dating back to the 2nd century AD. Inside the village, there is a cave (Pognon Cave) where people worshipped Goddess of Moon, Sin, a sacred hill where there are god reliefs on the slopes and Syriac scripts engraved onto rocks, and sacrifices were consecrated. There are also 6 pieces of square and round planned mausoleum (monument tombs) and many rock tombs. It was found out that there were approximately 20 quarries around Soğmatar. Total number of Syriac scripts that have been discovered is 14.