Take A Boat Trip In Halfeti

A large part of the Halfeti city, located on the eastern bankof the Euphrates river, was submerged due to the construction of the Birecik Dam in the year 2000. Halfeti is well known for its unique black rose flower, the historical stone houses and streets of the part of the city not submerged, and for its fruit trees products: Halfeti is now one of the most important tourist attractions of the region.Realxing on a boat tour on the Euphrates river along Birecik Dam Lake,enjoying the history and nature of the river and of the Roman Castle (Rumkale) overlooking the river, visitingthe Savaşan Village, will fill the day of the visitors. Unusual andheart-breaking photos ofhalf-submerged houses, mosque, minarets and gardens can be taken; diving excursions for professional divers to admire the old sinked city are available.