When we think ofŞanlıurfa, another thing that crosses our mind is music. In Şanlıurfa,‘sıra gecesi’ nights, room (oda) gatherings andcamping(dağ yatı) nights are the most important elements indeveloping, spreading, sustaining and producing newart representations and artists.

Generally, in ‘sıra gecesi’ nights, a group of same age friends gathersonce a week, especially in winter mounts,at each other’s house.Despite being mistakenly thought that those are merely music events, “sıra gecesi” night are in fact an assembly gathering:music is just a part of it.

At these nights, music is performed in a special structure, coupled with an order of butyfing the voice (maqamat). İbrahim Tatlıses, who is a important and popular musician all across Turkey, was also raised in these nights.