Visit The Bold Ibis Breeding Station

The last colony in the world of 250 Bald Ibis live in Birecik,100 kilometers west of Şanlıurfa city. Bald Ibis, which are now about to be extinct, used to migrate to Ethiopia and other East Africa countries during winter and come back to the coasts of the Euphrates in spring at breeding time.In the 1950’s, an heavy agricultural decontaminationalmost caused the extinction of thi endemic bird. The number of Bald ibis decreased up to only 11, has today boosted to about 250, thanks to the efforts carried out since the 70’s by the Ministry of Agricoltre and Forest, which built and manages the Bald Ibis Sanctuary and Breeding Station. The birds are free to fly outside the large cage duringspring and summemonths while during the cold months are kept into a large aviary and handfed throughoutthe winter.Bald ibis do not migrate anymore, due to the high risk of the journey and visitors have the opportunity to visit the the Bald Ibis Sanctuary and Breeding Station, located 3 kilometers away from the Birecik citycentre, along the Euphrates river, and rest in the small garden overooking the aviary, learn about this unique bird, take pictures and buysouvenirs.